Family Therapy and Relationship Counselling Canberra

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Family Therapy and Support

Capital Psychology Clinic help support families through all stages of the family life cycle, from the earliest point of attempting conception, through to managing a growing household. (Please see our Perinatal Support page for more information about our pre-birth and early years support). Our psychologists assist families in developing healthy attachments and effective parenting plans. We also support young adults navigating their way into independence, and parents experiencing the loss of their children as they transition to adulthood. In the unfortunate event of family breakdown, our psychologists can assist with family relationship counselling and support for children and adolescents during, and after separation.

Please contact us if you are experiencing difficulties in the following areas, which may be impacting your family:

  • Communication problems
  • Family transition periods – new members, or the loss of a family member
  • Interpersonal disagreements within the family
  • Financial concerns
  • Developmental issues, mental illness, or disability within the family
  • Substance use and other individual concerns

Your psychologist at Capital Psychology Clinic will use a collaborative approach to support your family to resolve conflicts and find healthier ways to cope with future difficulties.

Relationship counselling

Several of our psychologists at Capital Psychology Clinic are trained to specifically provide relationship support and counselling. Often when a child is experiencing some behavioural or emotional difficulties the family as a whole is also affected. Whether you are a parent or in a new relationship, mixed family, or grieving the loss of a relationship, our psychologists will support you and assist you develop skills to improve your relationships.