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Autism Assessments Canberra

An assessment for Autism or Asperger’s is a comprehensive process, consisting of three sessions and the collection of information from parents, teachers, carers and other primary figures in the child’s life. It is important to understand that in 2013 the new diagnostic manual used for clinical diagnosis combined the diagnosis of Autism and Asperger’s into one diagnostic name: “Autistic Disorder”. Therefore, an Autism assessment now means that both of these presentations are investigated.

Autism Assessment

Autism Assessment

An Autism assessment consists of an initial session with the parents/caregivers only, so a comprehensive history can be discussed without the child being present. This is the most respectful way to openly discuss all background information and related concerns before a child attends for the assessment.

Any previous reports and medical information should be provided beforehand, or at this session so that a clear decision can be made about the appropriate assessment measures to be used, allowing for any other alternative assessment requirements to be considered in the investigation.

Second Session

Second Session

The second session is a longer assessment session for your child to complete an array of standardised diagnostic measures that carefully evaluate and investigate their behaviour to determine if they have Autism or Asperger’s.

This session consists of many different activities appropriate to their age level, current speech development, and behavioural abilities. The length of the session will be dependent on their age and ability to complete tasks. Breaks will be taken when needed.

Third Session

Third Session

The third session is a feedback session. Following collection of questionnaires provided to the parents and school, a comprehensive report is provided, with full description, discussion and recommendations for your child’s, and your family’s needs.


This assessment and report is accepted by all state, Catholic and private schools for any funding requirements due to the strict standardised measures used during the testing. Furthermore, this report is accepted by the NDIS, Centrelink and other government agencies for funding applications due to the strict standardised measures used during assessment. Capital Psychology Clinic only uses the gold standard, best practice up to date analysis for all of their assessments.

Annual training and review of the procedures and psychologists is an ongoing focus in our clinic to ensure you are receiving the most appropriate and evidence-based service.

Capital Psychology Clinic pride themselves on fast, professional turnaround times for all reports NO LONGER than 3 weeks.

Review Autism Assessments

At times, you may be asked to have a reviewed/updated Autism assessment for your child if they were diagnosed many years ago or under the old diagnostic manual, DSM IV. This can often be requested from government departments or schools so a new funding package can be considered for your child. If this is required, then please let our friendly reception staff know how old your child is and how long ago their original diagnosis was made and they can inform you of the re-assessment process required, as it may be shorter than the above full assessment.

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