Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders and Inattentive ADHD Canberra


As research continues to develop, ADHD is becoming a growing concern for children and adolescents. The impact of this disorder can be profound, not just on the child’s functioning but also their behaviour, self-esteem, school performance and social life. Capital Psychology Clinic provide the most up to date investigation and assessment for both ADHD and ADD using the gold standard measures accepted by all state, Catholic and private schools and government agencies so the report can be used for future planning and funding needs for your child.

An ADHD assessment consists of three sessions. The initial session is an in-depth collection of background and developmental information provided by the parent’s or primary caregivers without your child present, to allow an open discussion that the child is not exposed to. This is the most respectful and appropriate way to collect background and developmental information.

The second session consists of specific standardised testing of your child and their behaviours, abilities and difficulties specific to ADHD and functioning.

The third session will complete the standardised testing and will provide feedback to the parents regarding the assessment, followed by the provision of a comprehensive report, that will explain the full assessment procedures used and all recommendations and findings.

Capital Psychology pride themselves on fast, professional turnaround times for all reports NO LONGER than 3 weeks.