Brianna Thomas - Registered Psychologist

Brianna started working at Capital Psychology Clinical in June 2020 and is having a ball. She loves working with all ages and especially loves working on anxiety, depression, self-esteem, anger and sleep. Brianna loves being creative in her sessions and you will often find her with a clay volcano or rice and balloon squishy ball. Brianna thinks all her clients are brave for working on their problems and loves what she does.

Brianna started a little movement called ‘My Colourful Mind’ which is about building up women’s self-esteem and wellness. They recently ran a four-week wellness program online and hope to do more in the future. They put out encouraging social media content for anyone who needs some more strategies for coping with life and release blogs through their website

Brianna has another side to her which is more musical and less about psychology. She is a singing teacher on the weekends and is a singer herself. She is in a band and has released a single as a solo artist. She loves making RnB and Soul music but loves listening to the pop stars like Meagan Trainor and Sara Bareilles. She loves using music in her therapy sessions and thinks throwing yourself into making or listening to music can be so therapeutic.

Brianna loves dogs and loves her family sheep dog Brutus, but doesn’t have the right back yard for a dog right now. She loves the therapy dogs in the clinic and hopes to have a dog of her own one day. 

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