One of Clinical Psychologists, Nicola, brought her little man, Henry, into the world ten months ago. When she was 11 weeks pregnant she found out that there was a very high chance that Henry had Down Syndrome, which was later confirmed via amniocentesis. As some of you probably have experience with, when receiving an unexpected diagnosis for your child, it can be very confronting. For Nicola and her family, this news prompted a profound fear of the unknown and what this would mean for Henry’s future, as many common perceptions of Down Syndrome are blatantly wrong and outdated. 
During a dark time, the only shining light for Nicola was meeting with and learning about other families with children with Down Syndrome and realising that these kids are just like any other, with lives filled with love and happiness. One of the biggest supporters of this new idea of Down Syndrome was the beautiful book gifted by @CelebrateT21 filled with photos and stories of families from all over. Celebrate T21 is an Australian organisation that provides support and gift packs to new families with a T21 diagnosis and are producing another book this year. Henry will be featured in this book to continue to show the world that there is nothing down about Down Syndrome! Because the costs are so high to produce and distribute the book, each participant is fundraising to help cover costs so that these books can reach as many families as possible, in addition to health professionals to try and reduce the stigma of Down Syndrome. 
This is such a beautiful cause and if you’re able, any donations would be greatly appreciated. They start from $5 and every cent goes towards becoming a light in those early dark days so that more families can embrace their child’s extra chromosome as Nicola and her family have. To donate under Henry’s name, please follow this link.
Nicola and Henry